Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's the start of the Holidays!

Whether you like it or not, Halloween is the official start to the Holiday season. Our tip today is to start cleaning for the holidays now! Let's start with the windows. Since we will be turning our clocks back this weekend, our days will be getting shorter and darker. So let's let in as much light as we can.

I recommend taking out the screens and vacuuming them. Then store them in the basement or garage for the winter. Screens block out a lot of the natural light and I promise you won't need them during the winter.

Next we want to wash the windows. But we are not going to spray them with anything... and no paper towels or newspapers. We are going to just use a microfiber cloth made especially for windows. I guarantee you will only have to wipe the window with the cloth and it will be sparkling clean! No streaks, no smears and no drying.

If your windows are really dirty on the outside, wash them with warm water and a rag then go over them with the "Blue cloth". It really works and it is totally GREEN.

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