Friday, January 04, 2008

Oprah is Greening her Cleaning!

On Oprah today!
Oprah talked about greening your cleaning today on her show. To see the show you can go to to see "Going Green 101". She talked about great ways to green your cleaning and listed her new favorites. They just happen to be ours too!

Quotes from the Oprah Show
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day is another company that specializes in cleaners made with ingredients like corn, sugar cane, coconut and palm. This company, which was named after the founder's mother, also sells nontoxic products for pets.

To make your chores even more environmentally friendly,they suggestsusing microfiber cloths to apply the products to your furniture, counters and sinks. These cleaning cloths are machine washable and recyclable!

Even if these products are more expensive that traditional cleaners, the health benefits may be worth the cost. In some areas of the country, the air quality inside the home is twice as dangerous as the air outside the home, according to the EPA."The reason is because of, in part, cleaning products, the paints that we have on our walls, varnishes on our furniture, the formaldehydes and glues in our carpet," "You're creating this little chemical cocktail you're breathing in all the time."

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