Saturday, March 08, 2008

Feng Shui Cleaning

I have been reading about Feng Shui and have found there is a definite connection to the practice and green cleaning. By combining the two we can create more harmony in your home. You can arrange your home based on Feng Shui, but if it isn't clean you won't create more energy. And if you are using toxic chemicals that take the energy out of your home, you won't have more harmony. So we are going to apply the art of Feng Shui to our cleaning techniques and come up with some great tips to keep your home happy, healthy and in harmony!

One principle of Feng Shui is to find the center of your home and make it peaceful. This practice should be applied to each room. The center of your kitchen would probably be the sink. It contains the elements of water and either metal or earth, so we see the connection to Feng Shui again.

1. Tip number one is to keep the dirty dishes out of the sink. Clutter and dirt attract negative energy, so those dirty dishes don't belong in the sink unless they are being cleaned.

2. The second tip is to get your sink to sparkle. If it's looking a little dull you can try a few things to bring it back to life. A stainless steel sink can get a lot of scratches and really look dull. Try a stainless steel scratch remover and polisher to make it look like new. You will be amazed how much energy that can add to your kitchen. If you have a ceramic sink, try using a natural surface scrub like Mrs. Meyers Clean Day in a nice aroma that will clean the sink and add a natural scent to the air.

3. According to the practice of Feng Shui, you want to reflect energy back onto the room and you can do that by keeping your sink sparkling. Wipe your sink and chrome often with a blue micro fiber cloth to keep it shiny instead of using a spray window cleaner or paper towels to clean it. You don't want to waste paper towels or spray chemicals into the air.

So enjoy the energy and harmony of Feng Shui and Green Cleaning!

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