Tuesday, April 01, 2008

You CAN do windows!- No Fooling!

With the newest technology and some simple tips, washing windows can be a cinch! Put away the spray bottle of window cleaner and those paper towels. Get yourself a high quality microfiber cloth- we call it the "blue cloth"- and a bucket of warm water. That's all you need. Don't believe me? Just take my challenge. I guarantee - cleaning your windows has never been easier! And if you don't have pop out windows -here is our 50-50 window cleaning system:

Unlock and fully open the window. Using your blue cloth, wash the outside of the exterior sash. Clean it as far as you can reach. Now push both sashes to the bottom and wash any part of the exterior sash you couldn't reach from the top. Next, pull the interior sash up 1/2 closed and wash the top half of the interior window. Now, push both windows to the top and pull the interior window 1/2 way down and wash the bottom half. That's it- your windows are cleaned from the inside- safely and easily.


  1. I agree that microfiber cloths are the way to go. Especially for mirrors and glass. They are far superior to other types of rags or paper cloths.