Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Joy of Green Cleaning

The Joy of Green Cleaning!

The first cook book for green cleaning-

Over 70 pages of green recipes that are made from items you can find in your own pantry. And they really work! A great Holiday present for friends and family.

Testimonial: 'I wanted to let you know I mixed up a batch the stainless steel/chrome polish I used it to clean the back splash on my Viking stove. It was fantastic! My stove has not been this clean since it was new. Much better than the commercial stainless steel cleaners and without the odor. It even removed the burnt on residue that would never come off before. I can't wait to try some more of your recipes. I also tried it on my chrome around the crevice where the sink meets the faucet and it worked better than products I bought at the hardware store!' Jen S.

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