Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Replacing dryers sheets with a new idea!

I just was told about a great new product that will replace your chemical filled dryer sheets and save you money too. One of my "greenest" friends has been using Static Eliminators. These safely eliminate static and soften clothes without any chemicals.
At first I thought it was a gag. It is a striped piece of cloth with nothing on it or in it.... but after putting it in the dryer with my black pants, it really worked. I have tons of Golden Retriever hair that is a real battle with black clothes. But this reusable (250 loads) dryer "sheet" really worked. I also gave it to my mother-in-law - who is the dutchess of laundry - and she liked them. I especially like that I'm not filling my cloths or the neighborhood with nasty chemicals. Thanks to my green friend. If you have tried these sheets, please let me know how they worked for you! Or if you have a favorite new green "thing", let me know so we can share it!
Happy (green) Cleaning!

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