Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christmas Clean-up

There are two types of people in the world. The ones that take their tree and decorations down the day after Christmas, and the rest of us that try to get them put away before Memorial Day! Let's start now and get organized so that next year we can be ready to go for the holidays! Here are a few tips for a quick clean up:

1. Get your bins and containers organized and lined up in one specific area.

2. Take down all your decorations and place them in the room with the bins.

3. Start some type of system so that you can "unfold" the decorations in the order you will use them next year. For example, place the window lights, extention cords and timers at the top of their container since they will probably be the first decorations you will need.

4. Have a separate bin for decorations you would like to give away. Try using Freecycle.com on the internet. Your junk is someone elses treasure!

5. Relabel all your bins so you know EVERYTHING in each one. Then give them a number that correspondes to the order you will need them. Store them away from the highest number down. That way, the stuff you need first will be last in!

6. Use your vacuum with a hose attachment and dusting brush and vacuum window sills, base boards and furniture that has been covered with decoration. Go ahead and vacuum up those pine needles. They will make the room smell fresh and "piney".

7. Use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe down all those surfaces you just vacuumed. Remove any pine pitch or tape with olive oil.

8. Using a "Blue Cloth" clean the insides of your windows. The days are getting longer and you want every bit of sunshine getting in!

9. GET READY FOR SPRING CLEANING! Just in your head. We still have a few more months of chilly weather.

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