Thursday, May 07, 2009

Green Alternative to Bleach

One product that really scares me is clorine bleach. Bleach can be very dangerous both for the person using it and for others in the home where it's being used. I recommend trying some great green alternatives first.

Last night I was lucky enough to speak to a group at the Whitinsville Social Library and I mentioned a green alternative to bleach.
I told them to try hydrogen peroxide- It is a great whitener that you can use in the laundry or the bathroom. You can add a 1/4 cup to your laundry to brighten up your whites. And if your battling mold or mildew in the bathroom, you can put a tooth brush in the bottle and give the moldy area a scrub. I told them it really will work.

One gentleman listening to me last night had an "unbelieving" look on his face while I was talking about this.... But guess who showed up at my store this morning! That's right, Mr. Unbelieving. He said he went right home and gave the hydrogen peroxide a try- And it worked great! No More Mold!!

So you see, there are great green alternatives to bleach!! And it's okay to not believe me. All I ask you to do is try it.... You may become a believer like my friend from last night.


  1. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Would it work to put some peroxide in a spray bottle and spray the grout?

    I came over from SITS - your blog is great. I'm really trying to "green" up my house and you have some fabulous ideas here.


  2. Do you think there is anything special about the brand name store bought Hydeogen Peroxide Bleach you can buy? I bought some at Whole Foods and it was really expensive. I wonder if regular Hydrogen Peroxide would work just as well?

  3. Hey Monica,
    Don't worry about brands, I haven't found a difference yet. You just need to watch the % on the label. Most are 3%- see if the one from Whole Foods is different. Maybe that's the reason for the cost!?

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Yes you can put the peroxide in a spray bottle for use, but it's hard to store it that way. It has to be in a dark container and air tight. But it will work great sprayed on the grout. Keep us posted!!

  5. I am going to try this. I can hardly wait to see how it works!

  6. Wow! This is great! I am SCARED of cleaning products but I love to clean. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!