Monday, May 25, 2009

Let the Sun shine in!

Happy Memorial Day!
If your house is like mine today, the sun is trying to get through some pretty dusty screens and some very dirt windows. No problem. I have a quick solution that only takes minutes and our windows will be crystal clear.
You will need a bucket of hot water, a "blue" microfiber cloth, two large looped microfiber cloths and your vacuum with a hose attachment.

Start off with a dry large looped microfiber cloth. This will "dust" your screens perfectly, without taking them all out and washing them. (For years I have watched my neighbors waste a whole day removing all the screens, lining them up against the house and wash, rinse and dry them. My system is faster, easier and works better!) Wipe this dry cloth over the entire screen. Dust the screen like a piece of furniture then vacuum up anything that might drop on the sill and the floor.

Next, wet your blue cloth and wring it out really well. The "dryer" it is, the better it works. Use a system of wiping from top to bottom on the inside and side to side on the outside. That way if you missed a spot, you know where to look.

If your windows are really dirty, use the second large looped microfiber cloth, wet and go over the window first and clean off the big dirt. Then use the blue one to finish the cleaning.

That's all you have to do to clean your windows! I know it sounds too easy but it really works. I can do all the windows on my first floor in less than an hour. And it's easy, no streaks, smears, or lint. And no black fingers from the newspapers grandma told you to try!

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