Friday, July 10, 2009

Eco Dorm Necessities

We are putting together "Eco Dorm Kits" for college kids to take to school. Since my daughter was a freshman in college last year - I have the "pulse" on the green things they need at school. Here is a quick rundown of some cool products. You can check the links for more info and we'd would love to help you with any questions.

Skoy Cloths- instead of paper towels
Charlie's Soap -a great laundry soap that is green and earth friendly. One bag with last the semester
Eureka stick broom - vacuum without electricity- uses a rechargeable battery.
Mrs. Meyers green cleaning starter kit - a perfect size for a small dorm room
Fresh Wave Dorm Kit - Most college kids use Fabreze to "clean" their dorms. A better- all natural product that removes smells is made by Freshwave and they just came out with a Dorm Kit- actually it's called a Stinky Dorm Kit!
EVA shower curtain so you don't have any VOC's in your bathroom!
And if they really want to be green, you can give them a copy of the book: The Joy of Green Cleaning- which is a recipe book for going green.
Buy yourself some tissues made from recycled paper products at Whole Foods or Trader Joes and you are set to take the trip to college!

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