Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boston GreenFest 2009

Just in case you were to busy to visit the Boston GreenFest 2009 today, I thought I'd share some of the highlights with you. With thousands of people at the event Karen Weber, the GreenFest organizer, considered this year a huge success. Take a look around with me:

The One Gallon Challenge- these cars raced 100 miles on only one gallon of gas. The race started in Greenfield MA and ended at City Hall Plaza. The technology of these cars was amazing.

Native water with minimal carbon footprint
For a drink of totally "green" water there was Native Waters from Fall River, MA. They had water that was locally sourced and was bottled in an earth friendly 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable bottle. This bottle is trying not to be part of the problem. The bottle is by Enso Bottles and they are proud to introduce the first truly biodegradable, compostable and recyclable PET plastic bottle on the market today. They have added something called "Ecopure" that when added to the manufacturing of a plastic bottle, allows it to be metabolized and neutralized. You can see more about the procedure at
More that a walk in the park
If you love walking you need to take a drive to Mary Cummings Park in Burlington, MA. The pictures of the park look like you would be taking a hike in NH. but just a T ride away. To see more about the park and to get directions go to
Holistic dental care!
Jean Nordin-Evans discussed the holistic approach her practice takes towards dentistry. As her website states, they want to hear you say ahhhh. Their mission is to provide their patients with exceptional holistic dental services, along with many added touches, modern treatments and time-honored healing modalities, to transform the dreaded dental visit into an opportunity for self-rejuvenation and healing. You can see more of their beautiful facility at

Some great workshops

This one was very informative and showed us the different problems we may soon be dealing with concerning climate change....

...and we learned some history and how to green our home environment. You can see more at

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