Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 3 Use our green scrub in the Bathroom

I hope you got to take a look at the first episode of Green Clean TV yesterday. In that video I made a green scrub that is the basis for lots of different cleaners for your home. With just four simple ingredients we can clean the counters and sink in our kitchen and also clean our bathrooms. Today we are going to use that same scrub in the bathroom our guests will be using. Since we have been keeping up with it, we should only need to use the scrub in the sink and inside the toilet. That's right - this scrub is great for cleaning the toilet - instead of using a cleaner filled with acid. This is safer for you and also the water system. So in case you didn't see yesterday's blog, scroll down and watch how we make up the "green scrub" then with a sparkle sponge or skoy cloth, scrub out the bathroom sink and then sprinkle the scrub in the toilet and swish with a brush. You are going to be really surprised! If you enjoy this recipe you'll love my book The Joy of Green Cleaning. It is also a great idea for Christmas!

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