Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 5 Quick Clean the "playroom"

AAAUGGHH! Only 5 days left! Let's clean up the "PlayRoom" today. This is the room where the adults and kids will be watching TV,playing video games and hanging out while you're in the kitchen. At our house we call this the family room, but in reality it's a play room. To clean it we are going to use our new technology. Grab a dry microfiber cloth, a damp "blue" microfiber cloth and the vacuum. Pick a spot to start and work in a circle. You can dust with the dry cloth and use the damp blue one on computer screens, flat plasma TVs, glass pictures and furniture. Make sure you dust the wood trim too. One tip I've learned when dusting is work "top to bottom-back to front" and you won't miss a thing. After you've dusted the circle - finish dusting whatever is in the middle of the room, like your coffee table and any overhead lights. Vacuum yourself out of the room and you just cleaned like a professional. This entire room should only take you 15 minutes - even if it's really dusty. Put the CAUTION TAPE up and that room is all set for next Thursday (if only we could!)
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