Sunday, November 22, 2009

Surprise- Today is not the last day!

Our goal was to have the entire home clean a few days before Thanksgiving so you could concentrate on the food and the fun. But today is not the last day. We aren't going to clean today, we are just going to check on a few things.

The first thing is the light bulbs. Make sure all your light bulbs are bright and working. If you need to replace some, remember you should recycle the old ones. You can either take them to Home Depot or look up your recycling program at http://www.earth911/. Just plug in your zip code and it will tell you where to go to recycle anything!

Guest towels - If you are having overnight guests, make sure you have enough and they are in great shape. You can add a scent of essential oil on a cotton ball inside them so your guests will feel special.

Fresh Flowers - Think about buying some fresh flowers in the next few days. Or get a few Poinsettia plants and place them around the house. This is a great Feng Shui idea that will make your guests feel more comfortable. And it will naturally cleanse the air.

Check things outside - You might want to check on your front door mat. Do you think you need a new one? And do some little things around the outside of your home like fill the bird feeders and make sure the trash cans are put away. You want your home looking it's best - inside and out.

Check on your front hall closet - Make sure you have enough room in your closet for your guests' coats and more than enough hangers so you don't have to hang their coat over a chair. You want them to feel that their belongings are just as important as they are!

Just take a "walk" around your house as if you were a guest and see what your guests will see. I suggest starting from your car in the driveway, walk up the walk and then into the front entry way. Today is a great day to see how welcome they will feel.

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