Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What is a "Skoy"?

I just uploaded a video about my favorite item for my kitchen. No it's now a sauce pan or even a cool new appliance - it's a Skoy Cloth! If you haven't tried one yet, you need to contact me and I'll find a way to get you one!
A Skoy Cloth is imported from Europe and it's so funny that when I talk about the Skoy with anyone from overseas, they all know exactly what I'm talking about. A Skoy is a cross between a paper towel and a sponge. It's biodegradable and very economical. I ran the numbers and one Skoy is the equivalent to 15 rolls of paper towels. Since most paper towels are running about two bucks a roll, we are talking about $30.00. One Skoy costs around 2 bucks.
A Skoy Cloth really lasts a long time. On the back of the package, it says 6 weeks but I think I'm going on 6 months or more on some of mine! Watch the video and you can learn some other ways to disinfect a Skoy and how to make it last much longer!
If you want to buy a pack of 4 Skoy Cloths, you can go here and place an order. If you use the word "skoy" in the checkout, you will get free shipping!

Happy Cleaning!


  1. I really think I am going to look this product up! I am an avid user of Green and Sustainable products and I am amazed that I have never run across this product before. I think that if everyone had a product like this at their disposal the needless use of things like paper towels would plummet! I really commend this blog for passing along such wonderful ideas and resources. I think that the reason the Green community is Growing so rapidly is the open exchange of resources and ideas that are slowly inspiring other people to further their efforts to reduce their own individual impact on the environment. In the spirit of sharing, I was blog surfing last week and came across a new Green site that I absolutely adore. is an excellent site. It had volumes of useful information on current Green topics and ideas and has helped me educate myself on what I can do to lessen my impact! They also had a functioning online store (that they seem to be expanding) that sells its own line of Green products. I hope that you enjoy this resource as much as I have and don't forget to pay it forward!
    Good Luck in Being Green!

  2. So how is this skoy cloth impressive.Bio degradable yes but how does it aid well in cleaning over what we use previously?

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  4. Good advice - even so, there will always be a proportion of customers whose first, and only, instinct is to go for the cheapest price they can find.

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  5. Thanks for tip. Much appreciated.

  6. Skoy!

    It's kinda fun to say actually.
    Thanks for the post. I'm totally
    getting one ASAP.