Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets

Everyone has a dirty little secret - something you'd rather not have shared with the rest of the world. Well, mine are never left "unshared".  My "tall, dark and handsome husband" loves to share my secrets - especially at church!
Last Sunday was my turn at giving the children's sermon at church. I was all ready to go until I woke up with a little "sickness". I was down for the count. My husband offered to handle it for me. He is exceptional at public speaking and can do a children's sermon with his eyes closed.

His eyes were definitely closed when he picked up the old guitar case he decided to use as a prop! It was behind the piano and hadn't been dusted in a LONG time. Not only did he show everyone at church what a bad housekeeper I can be - it also went up on our local TV station! Now everyone knows I don't clean behind the piano. My response? LETITGO! (it's the line my sweet 16 year old taught me) LETITGO! - it's one word and it's perfect. So I don't clean behind the piano. Nobody should be back there- and nobody cares! Now I just have to go back to bed 'cause I feel my "little" sickness getting bigger!

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  1. hahahaha! I haven't looked behind my piano in years. I think something's living back there ;-)