Thursday, August 25, 2011

Opps I Did It Again....

While I was doing a book signing at the Whole Foods in Medford, I decided to splurge and get a Starbucks coffee. I don't do this often as I drink decaf and they usually don't have any brewed, which means I have to wait and I don't do that very ofter either!  But luck for me they actually had some brewed, so I took my Grande and went out in the parking lot and
Tripped over my own feet and spilled the thing right down my white capri's.
I love these pants and but figured by the time I got home to work on the stain, it would be too late.
But wait!

Since I was doing a demo at Whole Foods I had a huge box of Borax in the back of my van! I got my water bottle and went to the back and sprinkled some of that magic white powder on my pants. The old lady parked next to me must have thought I was doing something very strange with my white powder and water bottle.....
As I rubbed it in I could see it starting to work -but could still see the coffee stain. There wasn't much else to do but drive home and hope for the best. Of course the entire ride,  my pants were in the direct sunlight and I figured the sun and the heat would surely set the stain. I drove in the driveway an hour later and ran straight to the bathroom, stripped off my pants and threw them into the wash. When they came out - no more coffee stain.
I love that magic white powder (BORAX).
You can find it at your local grocery store. Just look in the laundry section - up on the top shelf or way down on the bottom shelf. If your store doesn't carry it- ask them to start. It's so good for SO many different cleaning jobs!

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