Tuesday, February 21, 2012

For That Tough Coffee Grime

Recently there's been this commercial that pops up whenever I watch TV. It's the Folgers coffee commercial where the whole story is told in a song about a woman who signs up for a dance class and then the morning of her class, she's groggy and tired. Then Folgers gives her the extra push she needs to go and have the most sunshiny morning possible. And while I'm not personally a Folgers girl, when Saturday morning Zumba class rolls around sometimes there is nothing that will revive me like a cup of coffee. So whether your a Kuerig kid or a Folgers follower, chances are you have relied on your coffee maker as a main fixture in your house, and it works hard. Those Kuerig machines can get temperamental after too much use and not enough TLC. So the best way to enjoy your morning, evening, or afternoon coffee? Keep your coffee machine happy.

As you make batch after batch of coffee, the inner portions of your machine can build up mold that makes your coffee bitter or just start collecting residue from the coffee grinds that can get in the way of the flow of your coffee into the pot. Now cleaning your coffee maker doesn't mean that you have to get down into the creases of the machine. To clean you are essentially going to go through the motions of one of the things you know how to do best, making coffee. Your ultimate weapon against inner coffee grime is Full Circle Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder. This all-natural biodegradable product hits that oily residue hard and will kill any mold that might make your coffee taste bitter. Just mix the powder with some water, pour it into the reserve in the machine, and then run it through as though you were making a nice cleaning brew. The mixture will come out dirty into the coffee pot. This is what it looked like when I used it. The water was completely clear when I put it in the machine. It really proves exactly how much grime your machine starts to accumulate.

After it's emptied you can clean the coffee pot out without even scrubbing it. This coffee pot had a film around it before. After going through one process of the Full Circle Coffee Machine Cleaning powder I didn't even need to scrub.

I recommend cleaning out your coffee machine once a week. It only takes the amount of time it would take you to make a cup of coffee, it requires no attention, and the quality of your coffee and the ease of your machine will be better. In fact, for those of you having difficulty with your Kuerig machines, this is bound to clear up those clogged passages that are inhibiting your machine from working properly. The best way to avoid mechanical problems is maintenance. If you take just a few minutes a week to keep your coffee pot running smoothly, not only will your coffee taste better, but your morning schedule will run better without the hassle of a rebellious coffee pot.


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Hey, I did this and it worked great. My coffee pot even smells better somehow. Thanks for the great trick. I also got carpet cleaning done at the same time. Those smell better as well. Thanks for the great cleaning blog.

  2. This is amazing! Every time I make coffee I cringe from those stains. Trying this!