Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Green Your Cleaning-Direct Launched Today

We launched our first Green Your Cleaning - Direct today with my friend and Certified Green Cleaning Coach, Dana, in Medfield, MA. Green Your Cleaning - Direct is a consulting and delivery service for the best green cleaning products. Dana will be available at to help you find the right products for your home. She can also take your orders online at All you need to do is go to the Green Your Cleaning Direct tab and go to your town. Place the delivery fee in the cart and start shopping. In the checkout cart add your Green Cleaning Coach's first name and she will receive your order and discuss your delivery. We are also looking for more people interested in becoming a Certified Green Cleaning Coach in other towns in MA. Give us a call at 508-234-4626 for more information.
We'd love to have you join us. Together we can change the world, one spray bottle at a time.

Check out our catalog and share with your friends!


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