Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Kind Of A Cleaner Are You?

Recently in the WSJ, there was an article about "Speed Cleaners". They not only had a title for those that like to clean quickly, but also sub-categories!  It made me realize that we all have different ways of doing things - and that includes cleaning. My hubby calls me a Binge Cleaner - mainly because I'm so busy doing other things that when I get the time to clean- I go crazy.

What type of cleaner are you? I started asking and here are a few of the different types people called themselves:
The Faker - This person is really good at cleaning up before company. They get everything looking perfect and make it look like they live like this all the time. They are the ultimate fake cleaner.
Half-Baked - This person is really good at cleaning some things, yet doesn't do a great job on others. For example, the half-baked cleaner will be vigilant about doing the dishes every night, but won't bother with vacuuming for a week or two.
A Particular Day Cleaner - This person will only clean on a certain day of the week. Everything is left to cleaning day.
Clean It As You See It - This person is cleaning constantly - but in short little dabs and touch-ups. They are loving the new products designed especially for them.
It Can Wait - Do you like putting off your cleaning? You are an It-Can-Wait Cleaner. Just make sure you don't wait too long.

Here are some other types of cleaners that people shared with us today on Clean Green Talk Radio.
There was:
  • Squeeze It In
  • Type A
  • Organized
  • Fit It In
  • Clean To A Fault
  • Clutter Keeper 
What type of cleaner are you? There was one other type mentioned on my facebook conversation - DON'T. I'm not considering that answer as a type!


  1. I will admit I'm the fake cleaner. I only really clean before we have guests.

  2. Ha love this! Probably say I'm a half-baked cleaner. Love cleaning the kitchen but hate doing the bathroom.

  3. I'm definitely a It can wait cleaner. It will get cleaned, eventually.

  4. I am a kind of a person who likes the order. In order to have a clean home, you first of all need to remove the clutter. The more items you have, the more time it will take you to clean the house and they will all be always dusty. The best thing is to find a permanent place for all of the items and stick to their positions. Before you start cleaning, tidy up and the cleaning will be straight forward. I always clean the bathroom and the kitchen first, then the bedrooms after which I vacuum and mop the place.

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  7. I think I go under the half-baked cleaner category. I prefer using expert cleaning services.

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  9. I am a fit it in cleaner

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  12. Oh gosh, I think I fall into all those categories on an alternating basis... I am grateful for my cleaning service. They occasionally take the slack for my not quite having my act together.

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  14. I am definitely an it can wait person. I am actually looking for house cleaning services Miami, FL. I really should just do it myself but I hate cleaning.

  15. I am definitely an it can wait person. I am actually looking for house cleaning services Miami, FL. I really should just do it myself but I hate cleaning.

  16. Thanks for a fun and insightful post, Leslie. I'm definitely the "clean it as you see it" type. I subscribe to the philosophy of cleaning or picking up one thing before you leave every room (think I read it in Marilou Henner's Total Body Makeover book)... it helps keep things in good condition! Although it annoys people who want you to just settle down and relax. What can I say, we keep the world in shipshape condition :)

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  18. Depending on the situation, but I make sure daily I clean thoroughly to ensure quality cleaning.

  19. I myself, I consider a combination of one or more than two of the types you mentioned, it just depends on the situation and place.

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