Monday, September 19, 2005

CSI: Clean Scene Investigation

It was dead. Everyone who laid eyes on the vacuum knew that it was gone. but the question on everyone's mind was...who was at fault? Dust was spread all around the vicinity of the victim, and there was no doubt that the cord by which the vacuum lived had been cut...completely demolished. Who would do such a thing?
By this time, a large crowd had assembled around the victim. Anyone of them could be considered a suspect. They all had motive...they all had opportunity. Was it the repair man who claimed to be "trying to make things better," or was it the owner who said her carpets "really weren't that dirty"? Better still, was it the salesperson who swore that this was "the best vacuum on the face of the planet for under $100"? No one spoke, yet fear was seen in each of their eyes. Each suspect knew that if the vacuum was opened, the investigators would be able to figure out who was responsible for this act of vacuum hatred.
The time had come for the investigation to commence. All of the suspects had the guts to show their face. All, that is, except for the salesperson. Was he to blame? The vacuum lie there, open, and without a trace of dirt in the bag. The owner had said it was a realitively new vacuum, and that she had only used it once before it died. Quickly it became evident that it was indeed not the owner's fault. So now it came down to the repair man and the salesperson (who by this time had finally arrived). The repair exclaimed that the motor of the vacuum had been held together by bubblegum and paper clips by the time he looked at it, and that all he did as repair was change the belt, which had oddly resembled a young girl's hair elastic. Clearly, it was not the repair man at fault either. Only one suspect was left. I should have known it was you!! Never again will I buy a vacuum just because it's cheap!! The words of the owner continued to ring throughout the room. They all knew now that just because it may be cheap does not mean that it is worth it. You many, in the end, buy 3 or 4 of the so-called cheap product. Not worth end up paying more than you would have if you had bought the slightly more costly, yet better working one in the first place.

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  1. nice! i'm glad it was not the repair man. though it show's that buying a vacuum that a little or more expensive (MIELE) is worth it.