Friday, September 16, 2005

No Glass Cleaner- No Paper Towels- Ever Again

I don't do windows, well I didn't until I found this "blue cloth". Its a miracle and now I don't mind doing windows! All I need is water and the cloth. No toxic chemicals, no paper towels to deal with, and no streaks or lint. I now can have my kids do the windows without worrying about them spraying the dog with the window cleaner. Or using is for hair spray like some kids I know... Although I do miss using the excuse that I can't do the windows because I'm out of papertowels and toilet paper, doesn't really work well. NONE NEEDED!
Oh, you can also do your granite, chrome, mirrors and even the inside of your car windshield with it. My husband, who never cleans anything, stole it to clean his truck. He won't admit he took it, but I saw it under the front seat of the truck through the spotless window (which has never been clean!) Like I said before, it's a miracle- that my husband is cleaning and that the cloth actually works.
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