Friday, September 21, 2007

The worst job in the bathroom!

It's true, cleaning the inside of a toilet is the worst job in the entire house. But somebody has to do it! If it is you, I have a few suggestions to make it easier.

First, I insist you use gloves. There is no better way to keep yourself save from bacteria than using a pair of gloves. Then turn off the water going to the toilet. Look for the silver handle behind the bowl that controls the water to the top of the toilet. Turn the water all the way off, then flush. Now the bowl is empty and you can clean it directly. Try to use a gentle cleaner, since you're not diluting it in the water. You can try baking soda, a powder cleanser or an all natural scrub like Mrs. Meyers. Use a brush or even a scrubby sponge and your hands (inside those gloves!). Once the bowl is nice and clean, you turn the supply line water back on, let the reserve tank fill up, then flush. And there you have it! A nice clean toilet bowl.
Happy Cleaning!

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