Thursday, April 09, 2009

A "Dirty Dish Rebellion" in Washington

On March 28, the Boston Globe reported there was a revolt happening on the other side of the country. In Spokane, Washington people are "smuggling" in their old dish washing detergent. Spokane County has passed a law requiring people to use green cleaners! By 2010, the use of phosphates will be banned throughout the entire state!

This is a good law for the water system, but it's not good if people can't find a green cleaner that works. People in Spokane are not happy with the alternative cleaners. So they are crossing the borders and smuggling in their old detergents. I think the real problem isn't the cleaners themselves, but the water that doesn't let the soap work as well. But I know a solution. A tablespoon of salt! I use a larger grain salt, like sea salt or kosher and it softens the water and works on tough crusted on food too. You can add the salt to some borax and have a super cleaner booster for your dishwasher that can really work. I love the Mrs. Meyers dish soap so much that I want to share it with you. I'm going to give away the new spring cleaning kit- Snap Pea! Sign up to follow my blog down at the bottom right and I will pick the winner on April 30, from those that sign up! Good Luck and Happy Cleaning!

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