Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guest Post-Chelsie Hill from Declutter Your Life dot org

"Many of us love to recycle, but it’s so hard to separate things without creating a big mess under our kitchen sinks!"

Contain It! I like to use bathroom size garbage cans for my recycling items. I keep a couple under my kitchen sink and label them so everyone knows which one is used for what. The smaller ones work easier because you can fit more under there than the larger ones. I have found that grocery sacks just don’t look neat, and it’s easier for items to fall out.

Dump It! In addition to bathroom size garbage cans under my sink, I have regular garbage cans in my garage with the same labels as the smaller size cans. Since the little cans don’t hold very much stuff, every day when I dump my trash cans I also dump what is in my recycled garbage cans into their larger garbage cans in the garage. When I’m going to do my recycling, I just put the larger cans in my back seat. Works for me!
Write It down- Thanks Chelsie for these great tips. I also like the journal for other great green organizing and cleaning ideas. You can see more at


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