Thursday, April 30, 2009

Three Reasons to Green Your Cleaning

When you talk to people about green cleaning, some will roll their eyes and say that what they use in their own homes doesn't make a big difference.

But any difference makes a big difference.

And it's not just about the Earth. Yes, our environment is very important and that is one of the "big three" reasons to go green. The other two reasons are closer to home. The main reason is for yourself. I've waited for 50 years for things to be about me- and finally when it comes to green cleaning- it is. Since you are the one breathing in the cleaners you are using, don't you think they should be something very safe? And what about your skin! It's the biggest organ you own and all the products you use go directly through your skin and into your bloodstream. So make greening your cleaning personal. Do it for yourself. And the third reason is for your family and pets. Just because the chemical you cleaned with has dried doesn't mean it's not still there. And if your kids are running around in bare feet, they are absorbing those chemicals that are still on the floor. Also, the pads of our pets paws are not made to be exposed to the toxins in cleaners either. They also absorb everything into their bodies through their "feet".

So Green Cleaning is for 3 reasons: yourself, your family and then the Earth.

Do it for all of them!
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Any difference makes a big difference!*

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