Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Living Better- Living Green: Life Style Choices and Your Health: Part 1

Today we have guest blogger, Adam Curren, joining us. Adam studied marketing at the University of New Orleans before moving to Colorado Springs in 2006. He specializes in Environmental and Personal Development Articles. His goal is to improve the quality of life for readers through the written word.
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Living Better- Living Green: Life Style Choices and Your Health: Part 1

We’re exposed to thousands of chemicals everyday in our Environment, Food and Water. These harmful chemicals wreak havoc on the immune system and brain and if exposure to these dangerous toxins aren’t reduced, we’ll continue to see an increase in acute and degenerative disease. This article will highlight key areas in our lives that are exposed to numerous chemicals which have negative effects on our health. We’ll also identify a few ways that we can begin living better now.

Illness can be traced to one or more of 3 sources; Diet, Genetics or Environment. If the body is constantly dealing with toxins from many sources, there’ll be times when the body can no longer fulfill all its other major functions, leading to premature aging and disease. Ever growing research links brain disease like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Depression and Autism with environmental toxins, chemicals and altered fats in our food supply.


The problem: There are over 3,000 chemicals added to our food supply today with another 1,000 introduced each year. Some of these include: Aspartame, Chlordane, Fluoride, Dioxins, Pesticides as well as many foods being genetically engineered. Many times these chemicals cause immediate effects such as: Headache, Nausea, Dizziness and Fatigue; but more often build up in our bodies causing long term effects such as: Cancer, Immune System Depression, Muscle and Vision Problems and Reproductive Disorders. Americans can experience up to 70 daily exposures of a class of toxic chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

A Solution: Avoiding all of these chemicals is almost impossible, but there are a few things we can do to reduce our exposure. Choose organic foods and avoid processed and artificial additives. Take the time to learn how to shop smart; buy store brands and shop the coupons. Your eating habits will likely have to change, but you’ll find that organic actually tastes better.
These toxins store up in our bodies at the cellular level and will eventually cause poor health conditions if not eliminated. One thing we can do for this issue is to cleanse the body of toxins on a regular basis. Replace your Aluminum cooking pans with stainless steel; many studies have linked Aluminum to Alzheimer’s. Eat more fruits and vegetables and try to limit your consumption of canned foods. The fresh fruits and vegetables will help kill free radicals in your body, which build up from toxins. When we begin feeding our body living – clean foods, we’ll begin to feel a difference in our overall health and vitality.


  1. Anonymous5:17 AM

    hi just tried the peroxide on a few spots in the shower--works on that but can you suggest a solution to get grout in shower on ceramic tile back to white colour (other than using bleach)--i have tried and tried to get this clean but it is almost a grey colour

  2. How about some whitening toothpaste! Look for one with hydrogen peroxide in it. Some toothpastes can take the color out of clothing, lets see if it works on grout! Keep posted!