Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer is over- Flea season begins!

Is summer really over? We are starting to see signs that fall is on it's way. Hot humid weather brings two things; hurricanes and fleas. Both flourish in moist humid conditions. There's nothing we can do to prevent the hurricanes, but there are some green things we can do to get rid of the fleas.

Here are some green ideas to keep the fleas out of your home:

Your vacuum is your best weapon against a flea invasion. Make sure to vacuum all the furniture and carpets where the fleas are actually living. Place a cup of table salt in the vacuum bag. The fleas will eat the salt, dehydrate and die.

Sprinkle borax on furniture and carpets. Just a light dusting will work to kill the fleas, larvae and eggs. Test the area first to make sure there won't be any color damage. Then try to let it sit for 24 hours. If it's really humid, vacuum it up after a few hours. You need to keep pets and kids away from the powdered area. A safer idea is to sprinkle the infested area at night before going to bed, then get up early and vacuum before anyone else wakes up. Make sure you throw out the vacuum bag right away. You should wrap it inside a plastic bag and take it to a trash container outside your house.

Fleas love to live in fabric pet beds. You can wash your pets bed in very hot water. Then put it in the dryer you can kill the dust mites too!

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