Wednesday, October 21, 2009

E-cloth - a chemically free super "hero"

When I was introduced to the E-Cloth over a year ago, I was already familiar with microfiber. But this cloth from Europe is absolutely wonderful. I have been testing it for over a year along with a group of professionals we call "the green team". This group of testers take on evaluating any new product before it comes into our store. And everyone on the "team" loves the E-cloth.

The Back Door specializes in green cleaning products and the E-cloth is now the cornerstone of our inventory. E-cloth has a number of different products that are specialized for different cleaning jobs. The kitchen pack is my personal favorite. It comes with both a glass cloth and an all purpose cleaning cloth.

E-cloth is a very high quality microfiber engineered with a finer weave and has more cleaning edges than typical microfiber cloths. This makes it more effective on things like glass windows, stainless steel and even grease.

I do a lot of speaking around the country and during one of my talks a lady in the back of the room told us that she worked in the lab that tested the E-cloth. She saw personally that the E-cloth removed more bacteria from a counter top than typical antibacterial products. This is because the E-cloth picks up the bacteria and holds onto it until you wash it in hot water. It also breaks up and holds onto the grease that a typical rag or sponge would leave behind.

The cost savings with an E-cloth are incredible. You can reduce the amount of paper towels and harsh cleaners you are using AND save money! Say good bye to traditional cleaning and enter the new age of technology!

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  1. I love my e-cloth! We brought some with us abroad and they're lifesavers over here!!