Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quite the mess- easy clean up!

A glass jar of spagetti sauce on a tile floor. Not what you or I wanted to be dealing with at the end of a long day. After I got through with a few XXXXXXX, I went to grab the paper towels. Yes, shame on me, but I just couldn't figure out what would sop up all that sauce without making a bigger mess- AAhhaaa! Check out what worked better!

This was the mess after I picked up the glass.

The microfiber cloth was picking up everything as it went. This was only the first pass.

There, all clean. Do you know how many paper towels that would have taken? And the cost of the entire roll (of which I would have used most if not all of) would have been $3-$4 dollars. My microfiber cloth will be good for another 299 washings. Not bad for only $7.95

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  1. Someone who likes or knows about cleaning would do well in Egypt where everything gets filthy only minutes after cleaning. Living in the desert has it's drawbacks.