Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Clean-up - tips for removing chocolate stains

Now that all your little goblins are home and rummaging through their sacks of candy, you better get ready for the Halloween Clean-up. Here are some things you need to have on hand to get out the chocolate stains.

1. Fels Napha Bar Soap*

2. Dawn dish washing detergent (foaming)*

4. Ivory Soap Bar

When your little one gets a chocolate stain on their cloths, try using the Soap Flakes or Ivory Soap first. It is gentler on the clothes and the water system. My grandmother always kept a bar a Fels Napha next to her old soap stone laundry sink. Whenever she saw a stain, she would just rub it away with that bar of soap. My mother in turn used the Ivory Soap bar and it seemed to work for her. The Dawn dish soap works well because it contains alcohol and cuts through the grease and oil in the chocolate. Make sure when you are trying to remove stains that you don't use hot water and don't put the clothing through the dryer until it's totally gone. The heat from the dryer will permanently set the stain.

*The ingredients in these are not what I would consider "green". I would consider using them for special spots and restricted usage.

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