Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 10 Time to get serious about cleaning!

OMG! Only 10 days to Thanksgiving! Can you believe it? We have to get to some serious stuff for the next ten days. Make sure you sign up to follow my blog so you don't miss out on anything before the big day!

Today we are going to check and clean the linens for the table. Nothing is worse than taking out the table cloth an hour before the guests arrive and finding a big spot on it! So lets check the table cloth, the cloth napkins, place mats and the table runner that you are planning on using. Look for any spots or stains that need to be treated. I have always kept a copy of Martha Stewart's Stain Guide in my laundry room so I know how to treat the stains. Treat all the stains and spots then put them in the washer. I have become a great fan of Charlie's Soap, mainly because it is great on stains and it rinses completely out of the clothes. Wash everything and then before you put them in the dryer, check to make sure the stains came out. You will set the stains if you dry them - so retreat and wash again. If you are having trouble getting the stains out with just a pre-treat, try using a toothbrush and the spot treatment on the spot before putting it back in the washer.

Once they are clean - put them in the dryer for a few minutes then take them out while they are damp and iron them. The wrinkles will come right out if you leave the cloth damp and use a hot iron. Hang the pressed table cloth on a hanger until you are ready to put it on the table.
You can always avoid all of this work and take the linens to a professional laundry. Try to locate a "green" dry cleaner or ask if they will do a regular laundry and press. If you have to use traditional dry cleaning, make sure you air out everything before putting them on the table. We don't want to have any fumes mixing with your wonderful meal on Thanksgiving Day!

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