Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 11 - Let's make sure our dishes are clean

Wow, can you believe it! Only 11 days until Thanksgiving. We need to check the dishes that we are planning on using and make sure they are clean. I have a set of special dishes that I like to use all through the Holidays and since they have been stored in the basement, I need to get them out and make sure they are nice and clean. Even if you are using your every day dishes, you should wash the entire set and make sure you are going to have enough place settings for everyone. This includes checking your silverware.

I run a special cycle in my dishwasher especially for all the holiday dishes and glasses that I'm going to use for the day. Check the rims of the glasses to make sure none of them are chipped or cracked. Place the dishes carefully in your dishwasher and use a gentle dishwashing detergent like Mrs. Meyer's Automatic Dish Detergent so they come out sparkling clean. Then put the dishes inside a cabinet or airtight container so they stay clean. If you would prefer to hand wash them - try using Mrs. Meyers new holiday scent of Iowa Pine dish soap to really put you in the holiday mood.

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