Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 7 Look up!

I find that when we are cleaning we tend to keep out heads down and focus on anything from the middle of the room down to the floor. But today we are going to look up. Let's check for any webs or dust that are on the tops of the walls. This is an easy task, as we have some great green technologies to use and don't take much effort.

My favorite is a microfiber mop. It has Velcro on the back so I just stick a clean dry microfiber pad on the end of the mop and dust the walls and ceilings. This will only take a few minutes in each room. You can also use an ostrich feather duster to get into smaller areas like lights and lampshades. Make sure you check around the tops of your doors and windows. Cobwebs are signs of small spiders so you may want to use your vacuum with a dusting brush and vacuum around the ceiling. Your vacuum will pull off the webs and anything else (bugs) that may be hanging around up there!

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