Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 8 Rest,Regroup and get Ready for next week

Today is Sunday - and it is a great day to stop, rest and regroup. Let's go over the list of things we've done already to be ready for your guests. You will be very surprised how much you have gotten done!

Day 20- The guest bathroom is clean

Day 19 The refrigerator is clean and ready

Day 18 The microwave is all set

Day 17 All the small appliances are clean

Day 16 - 15 Your windows are sparkling clean and the light is pouring in

Day 14 The curtains are dust free

Day 13 The dining room is dusted

Day 12 The pantry is cleaned out and ready for the big shop

Day 11 All of our dishes and glasses are sparkling clean

Day 10 Our table cloth, napkins and runner are spot free and ironed

Day 9 The entry way is clean and saying "Welcome" to our guests

Today is the day to rest and get ready for another busy week. Go over the list above and work on things you really didn't have time to do during the week. I still have 4 sets of windows to clean and I'm going to wipe down my bathroom-(darn kids). Then sit down with a good book and a glass of wine and know you are going to be ready for Thanksgiving. Now you can understand why I call my book The Joy of Green Cleaning- I didn't say it was totally fun, but once you get a system, you can feel a lot better about "keeping your home". That's why we call it homekeeping.

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