Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Do your Uggs smell?

This is the time of year when we wear our Uggs inside and out. I slipped on my daughter's Uggs this morning before walking on the cold tile floor (please don't tell her or she'll kill me) and they were so cozy warm. I did notice that even though they felt wonderful - they were kinda stinky! That's what happens when your feet sweat in sheepskin. I've got a great recipe for an Ugg Boot Deodorizer. You can thank me in the spring!

"Ugg" Boot Deodorizer
1 cup baking soda
1 cup corn starch
10 drops of your favorite essential oil

Mix the powder and then add the essential oil. Place the powder in a shaker container. Shake a small amount into your boots. Leave the powder in the boots over night and remove in the morning before wearing. This combination will absorb moisture and remove smells, leaving your boots fresh for your next wearing.

** This recipe is from The Joy of Green Cleaning available on or at  Make sure your follow my blog as I'll be sharing lots of recipes from the book!


  1. Will this work on all types of shoes or do you have any other recipes for sneakers and boat shoes? I like the idea of green cleaning my shoes. who wants to walk in nasty chemicals all day?

  2. Will this work with other types of shoes like sneakers and boat shoes. mine really need a good deodorizing and i like the idea of green cleaning my shoes

  3. This is awesome! I have Ugg clogs, and they could use some freshening. Thanks!

  4. Hi Sean - this should would for all types of shoes. Jean thanks for stopping by!

  5. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Last week our car was smelling terrible. My boys thought it smelled liked the dog. I thought it smelled like someone took their shoes off. I finally found the culprit shoes. I put them outside with baking soda in them. It helped somewhat. But I will try your recipe now! I think I need a shaker bottle. You've got those, right? : )

  6. Anonymous6:08 AM

    We had a very smelly pair of shoes left in our car. I used baking soda alone, which helped a bit, but I am really looking forward to your recipe. Thanks!