Saturday, February 05, 2011

Keeping It Clean (inside the dishwasher)

I have a personal relationship with my dishwasher. I saved up all my coffee money for a year (shows you how much coffee I drink) and bought a Miele dishwasher. Ohhhhh am I ever glad I did.  The best thing about it is the stainless steel insides! It never looks dark and dirty in there. If you not lucky enough to have a stainless steel dishwasher - start saving - and in the meantime try these tricks to keep yours looking sparkling clean.
Look for a jar of Tang at the grocery store. Yes, they still sell it and it does a wonderful job of cleaning off mineral deposits on the walls of your dishwasher. (wonder what it does to your stomach) Just put a few tablespoons in the soap dispenser of your washer and run it empty.
Can't find Tang? The next best thing is Kool-aide non-sweetened lemonade. Put the packet in the dish soap dispenser and run with or without your dishes. If your glasses are getting cloudy then definitely run them with the Kool-aide.
Try using a product called Lemi-shine. This is dehydrated lemon juice and it works great for removing the mineral deposits on the inside of your dishwasher. Marilyn, an associate at my store, used this on her dishwasher - with her white dishes inside - and swears she got a new-looking set of dishes!

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  1. I've never heard that Tang cleans the mineral deposits of the dishwasher. Thanks for the advice and regards from Cleaning Services Sydney

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