Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green Cleaning Your Grill For The Fourth!

Summer is in full swing which means we have moved most of our cooking to our outdoor kitchens and grills. Dinners become more relaxing and very casual. But you don’t want to be casual about keeping your grill area clean. Even though we are outside we still need to keep the cooking area free from both bacteria and toxins. Here are a few “green cleaning” recipes for you to use.

Grill Cleaner
After cooking on your grill you want to burn off as much of the excess grease that you can. Turn off the heat and let the grill cool down. Sprinkle the grill area with a light coating of baking soda. Fill a spray bottle full of white distilled vinegar and spray the entire cooking area. The baking soda will bubble which will help remove any built up grease. Continue to spray the grill and keep the baking soda moist. Wipe with a wet rag or wash in the sink.

Antibacterial Spray
Keep the areas around the grill free from bacteria by using this spray on any of the surfaces.

½ cup white distilled vinegar
½ cup club soda
½ cup hydrogen peroxide
8 drops Tea Tree oil

Mix the Tea Tree oil with the white vinegar. This will cancel out the vinegar smell. Then add the other two ingredients and place in a dark plastic spray bottle to keep in our outside kitchen.

Stainless Steel Polish

This mixture removes build up grease from stainless steel grills.
1 cup baking soda
½ cup lemon juice
3 tablespoons borax
Club soda to make into a paste

Mix baking soda, borax and lemon juice together. Add enough club soda to make into a paste. Apply the paste to the metal with a soft cloth. Rinse with plain club soda. Finish by polishing with a clean cloth.

For a free recipe from the book The Joy of Green Cleaning go to You will also get a free video on how to use it!


  1. Great post. It is very important to keep a grill clean and to do it with natural products only. After all you cook on it, you cannot risk something toxic to fall into the food. You've given some very good recipes for home-made cleaning solutions.

  2. You can always keep your celebration clean with commercial mats. They have been proven and tested to make your cleaning easier.

  3. As it is very tasty to have grilled food many of us use these gadgets but do not know how to clean them.It is very essential to clean them in the best possible way for the next cooking to be clean and also the air let out the smoke is clean and healthy enough for the home.

  4. Nice tip on the stainless steel polish...I did not know of that recipe.

    How do you recommend cleaning the grilling utensils? After this past weekend (4th of July) I feel like mine need a serious scrubbing....

  5. The grill is usually full of grease and food particles...the left overs can even create mold in them black mold that you can not see with the naked eye...therefore it is essential to know how to clean it.