Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The NEW Bon Ami Products!

Bon Ami or when translated from the French, “good friend”, is exactly what Bon Ami is – a good old friend. A simple cleaner that has been manufactured for over 120 years, Bon Ami powdered cleaner was “green before it was a product category”. Bon Ami was developed as a true act of recycling. In New England during the 1880's, mines were bringing up quartz to be ground and used in the new commercial cleansers. Feldspar was separated from the quartz and discarded. TJ Robertson found that the softer feldspar was gentler than quartz so he ground it up, added soap and created the first bar of Bon Ami soap. Since then, Bon Ami has been a favorite “old fashioned” cleaner that can be used for gentle scouring without allergic reactions or sensitivities.

Bon Ami has now developed a full line of cleaners for your home. After testing these products I have found the dish soap to be my favorite. It cuts through grease and grime on the dishes and left my hands feeling soft and clean. I especially loved the citrus scent.

I also tried the new Bon Ami liquid cleanser. I probably didn’t use it correctly. I used it as a “soft scrub” type of cleaner, but after reading the instructions, I should have used it in my shower. I’m going to try it there as I wasn’t that impressed with it on my counters.

I’ve always been a fan of the 1886 powdered cleanser made by Bon Ami. This is their original formula and really only has two ingredients. It is so gentle you can use it to clean acid rain off glass windows. It leaves behind a slight invisible film that protects the glass from salt spray, which makes it a favorite for boat owners and vacation homes. I was excited to try the 5 ingredient formula and used it on my glass topped stove with a gentle sponge. By working in a circle it removed most of the burnt on crud that was stuck to my stove top. It did take a little elbow grease and some patience but the powdered cleansser got it off.

The Bon Ami All-purpose cleaner worked great on tile. I used it to clean tile floors and it left them clean and streak free. It wasn’t as good on stainless steel or black fronted appliances. It removed the grease and dirt but left some streaks and smears. It had a nice citrus scent and was easy to use. I’d recommend using it with a larger looped microfiber cloth to get the best performance.
The best way to realize how committed Bon Ami is to being green is to read about their environmental stewardship. One example is in their development of their new line of products. They decided to not add synthetic fragrances and instead ask their customers to shake the products so that the essential oils are mixed into the cleaner. This example shows how committed they are to keeping their products simple and green. With this kind of commitment Bon Ami will continue to be "a good old friend"!

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  1. It really is amazing to me how these older cleaners are making a comeback. Cleaning chemicals just aren't necessary. In fact, they are overkill, literally. I think a lot of people don't realize that there are green cleaners like this out there that don't require them to make their own bottle of lemon and vinegar spray.