Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Simple "Cocktail" That Removes Ink

The other day I put on my favorite "skinny" jeans - at least that's what they called them at the store - and went off to work. On my way down the steps my daughter asked "what's that on your butt?" Oh course I thought she was being cute and ignored the question. "No, really mom, what's on your butt?" It was a huge ink spot from a pen I had left in my pocket! Usually this would mean the jeans are now going to be a rag - but I thought I'd try out my new Stain Lifter and a few green tricks and see if I could get the stain out. I knew this was going to be crazy as I had wash AND dryed the ink into the jeans.
I knew that the "secret" ingredient in hair spray and Dawn dishwashing detergent is alcohol which break down ink. But I didn't have any rubbing alcohol so I used the next best thing - VODKA!
I used the stain lifter with the vodka and worked them into the jeans in a circular motion. I left the stain lifter on the pants overnight. The next day I worked more of the stain lifter into the jeans and rinsed them. I let them air dry - which would keep the stain from setting even more than it had.
When I came back the large stain was totally gone and the small stain was so faint that you don't see it unless you know it's there. Simple old fashioned soap and vodka did the trick!



  1. I like it. Thanks for sharing, I'm passing it about and I'm saving it.

    Coffee is on.

  2. Great post very informative and easy to read. I have added this blog to my bookmarks.

  3. where do you guys get all these ideas from brilliant.
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  4. Vodka and soap. I will have to try that. I have heard that alcohol removed ink. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I had the same problem and used your advice. Spot on. forgive the pun

  6. Hey Vacman - so glad it worked for you! it is amazing how simple things - like soap - work so well!