Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Start to Spring Cleaning

As the sun starts to shine more and the air starts to smell like rain and flowers instead of snow, I always seem to get this itch. I look around my house and feel the need to do something, anything, to make the season come to my home. It doesn't matter that spring starts months after the new year; sometimes spring feels more like a fresh start than New Year's day. Perhaps it's because this is when you can see those baby bunnies hopping through your garden, troublesome though they may be, or because you can see those daffodils you planted last fall starting to poke out of the soil, but the whole world seems to be starting anew. And with this new birth comes my desire to bring at least some of that energy to my home. Step #1: Spring Cleaning.
It's not a new concept but spring cleaning if taken too seriously and on too grand a scale can seem daunting. To help you on your way I'm going to be posting a few blog articles a week with a few short helpful tips to keep you going.
So here commences my first tip. Everything around you is turning green. Why not make your cleaning products do the same? Since you are going to be using a lot of different cleaners throughout the cleaning process, you will want to use something that isn't going to make you feel less than up to the task. Signs that your current cleaning products may be negatively effecting you can include breathing problems like asthma attacks, headaches, rashes, or even a propensity to become sick and recover slowly. I have a friend who was diagnosed with Lupus because of a severe rash she had, but later she discovered that the cause of her rash was just left over detergent in her clothing. As a result she switched to a green detergent and has been better ever since.
If you are concerned about financing the switch, I find that the cost actually comes out to be more affordable. Though the cleaning products may seem tocost more, they last longer. By making the switch you are not only sparing yourself the chemicals but you are also helping the environment. It's the best way to celebrate the coming of Spring, by doing your part to ensure that the season will be just as beautiful in the years to come.

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