Friday, March 09, 2012

Study Finds Dangerous Chemicals In Our Cleaning Products

The Silent Spring Institute has released the first of it's kind study about the ingredients found in numerous cleaning products. They also found that some of the so called "green" products had dangerous chemicals in them. The study was looking for 66 different chemicals that were a health concern. Household cleaners do not have their ingredients listed on their labels.This study may spark the process in getting the government to require the manufacturers to list the ingredients. The ingredients they were concerned with are linked to asthma, cancer and growth hormones. You can see the Channel 5 Boston news report at this link:

On a separate note, in the comment section of this article, a young woman states she uses vinegar and bleach for cleaning. This sounds like a natural alternative to chemical cleaners, but in reality mixing bleach and vinegar can create a toxic chlorine gas. Someone reading this comment would think the bleach/vinegar mixture would be a great alternative, but in reality they would be creating something very dangerous.

We need to remember that chemicals are dangerous. Mixing bleach with even something as safe as vinegar can create a chemical cocktail. That is why I suggest using natural items from your pantry and using great care so that don't hurt yourself and your family or your pets.

If you would like to read the actual study, you can find it here at

And here is a summary of the report:

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