Sunday, April 01, 2012

Spring Cleaning - Get the Family Involved

Spring cleaning will go a lot faster if you have some help. Having a clean house isn't just to your benefit, it's something the whole family can appreciate. So get them working with you and you will see that winter dirt disappear in no time.
Make a Plan
The best way to make sure everyone is working is to have a plan. This will keep everyone on track. If you have children who are prone to comparing their workload, ensure your kids have their own tasks. Then they can complete them without comparing time.
Have the Right Tools
By making sure that you have the right tools you can make your tasks much simpler as well. Vacuuming will be easier with the right attachment, steamers will get dirt out of grout and showers, microfiber mops and cloths make water the only cleaning solution you need, and using a cycle in your dryer to get the dust off of your curtains will save hours of washing. The microfiber cloths especially work perfectly for young children. Just hand them a spray bottle filled with water, one of the cloths, and set them to work washing any glass doors, windows, or mirrors. It's a simple but useful task where they won't get hurt or make a mess. 
A "Ten Minute Tidy"
If you can't coerce your family into a whole day of cleaning, you can use one of my favorite techniques, the "ten minute tidy." I get every member of my family to clean the same room for ten minutes. Each person has their own tasks, and since I have five in my family, it's just like I cleaned for 50 minutes. It takes a lot of time off of my workload. 


  1. Ruth D7:13 PM

    Thank you for this guide. I've done something like it in the past, but, not for a while. We will revisit this!

  2. Divide and conquer, always good cleaning advice! The more the merrier when it comes to cleaning.