Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Daily Basics - "Laundry Lessons and the Clothes Line"

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Does the picture of sheets drying in the wind on a bright sunny day evoke warm and fuzzy feelings? Well in Europe people still air dry their laundry and it is not because they haven’t discovered the electric dryer.

It really isn’t all that much work and the benefits are pretty nice. First, the smell of fresh air permeates your laundry. Second, you are going to save money , extend the life of your clothes and sheets and third, well…. when sheets dry on the line, they just about press themselves and all you need to do is run the iron over them.
WHAT? Iron your sheets and pillowcases? Yes. If you’ve ever climbed into freshly pressed cotton sheets after a long, hard day you will know that this is luxury to which you can easily become addicted. And guess what? It costs absolutely nothing but a little extra time.

3 Steps to Perfect Laundry

1 – Pay attention to the types of detergents and settings on your machine. As a matter of fact, we’re going to send you over to, Coreyanne Ettiene  at Housewife Bliss where she is going to tell you how to do this just so. – How To Do Laundry Guide.

2 - Snap those sheets and hang them on your clothesline. In the winter, mount the pull rack perhaps in your basement (shown here) and in the summer look at the weather forecast to see when it would be best to schedule your laundry day.

3 -Ironing. Sure, it sounds like a chore but if you fold your sheets properly right off the line they should look almost self pressed. For the finishing touch only iron the top 10″ – 12″ of the sheets – the part that will be showing and then fold the sheets neatly for storage. The folds will relax even further while they await their turn on the bed. Most importantly press your pillowcases and shams. Use a steam iron, light starch or spray some lavender water on to give a nice scent! 


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