Tuesday, May 08, 2012

More Easy Cleaning

We are all looking for ways to clean the home faster and for less money. In my interview on Better TV I give you a few simple tips on how to stay on top of that common household dirt with some common household items and ingredients. Not only will you get some ideas but you will get to see exactly how well these green solutions work, even on that grime that you thought would be a permanent fixture in your home.


  1. Okay, I think the olive oil is the best tip I've heard in a long time. Also the pumice stone. I'll have to look for one of those. I usually clean my toilet with Bon Ami. So that homemade cleanser you show in your video would be a good replacement? I'll definitely give it a try if it will save me some more money :) :)

    Thanks for the really good tips today :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;) :) :)

    p.s. What do you use for the dishwasher? I've seen homemade powdered recipes, but I don't really like them, because they leave spots. Is there a homemade LIQUID version that I can try, like maybe using just literally a few drops of Dr. Bronner's Castile soap or something like that?

  2. Hi Heather!
    Back at you!!
    For dish washing in your machine, use the same recipe - put a tablespoon of the powder in your machine and top it off with lemon juice. The baking soda will lift the food off the dishes, the salt will work on softening the water and the borax will boost the other two. The lemon juice will work on rinsing off the spots.

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