Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Clean Green Talk Radio - Our first show!

Leslie and Marie
It was a little scary - at 8:57 AM we still didn't have everyone on the line to start the radio show. But somehow my great producer, Chad, pulled it together and at 9:00 we were on! Our first guest was Marie, Maid Brigade's Consumer Advocate and for her first time on radio, she was VERY comfortable. Actually, she's a celebrity and has been on lots of TV shows.

Donna is ready to go!
   I did miss the opening cue, thinking the music as going to fad out instead of just stop! Overall, I think we did just fine. I had callers from Maine & North Hampton, MA and people chatting on my face book page from all over the country. Donna, my co-host, was wonderful.

  You can listen to the show below. If you leave a comment I'll make sure you get the free sample from Rockin' Green Soap. (only the nice comments will get the samples!) They are our sponsor and have agreed to give everyone that calls or comments a free sample of their laundry soap! So comment away!

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