Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rockin' the Laundry with Kim from Rockin' Green Soap

Kim Webb
Today on Clean Green Talk Radio, we had the founder and CEO of Rockin' Green Soap on our show.  She is a mom of three kids AND is running a very successful company. Kim says she felt deep the inspiration when her son, Jackson, was born. She began blogging and opened her own retail store that sold cloth diapers. She became a cloth-diapering fanatic, owning more than 200 cloth diapers
herself! However, Kim had trouble keeping her cloth diapers stink- and residue-free as she suffered from hard water. Minerals would build-up on her diapers and render them useless. It also caused her diapers to give off awful odors. She found that other moms were experiencing the same problems and were becoming fed up with washing cloth diapers....

Listen below to our interview and all the things we learned about laundry soap.  And we even learned what "Cloth Diaper Mom's" call their smelly diapers...  You'll have to listen to find out!


  1. Looooove rockin green for cleaning my son's cloth diapers- I have tried everything and it works better than anything I have tried=)

  2. I am also a professional cleaner and I like natural cleaning products instead of other chemical because some chemicals destroy the home products. Home cleaning is my passion and profession.